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Skrivet av Helmut and Gertraud Kracker-Semler, den 7. jul, 2012
Dear hostess of the café on top of Hoverberg,
You will probably remember the lady from Austria who, one week ago, broke her arm when on her way down through the woods to the campground near Hoverberggrottan.
I am writing on my wife’s and my behalf to thank you for your empathy, and the efficient help you provided in organizing first aid and ambulance transportation. You and your assistant from Holland made things easier – it was good to know to be cared for in such a friendly and compassionate way.
At Oresund hospital the fracture was confirmed and the necessity of an operation to fix the bones expressed. It was obvious that meant the termination of our trip, and next morning we set out back home.
So now my wife Gertraud will be operated on at the local hospital this coming Monday.
Still, this year’s holidays were not a complete failure. What we saw of your country and its people convinced us: we shall be back next year. We may pass through the Ostersund area then – and will make sure to pay you a visit again. (This time by car, I promise!)
Until then: stay well.
All the best
Helmut and Gertraud Kracker-Semler

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12.04 | 16:21

Hej Heidi. Eftersom Bergs kommun har sagt upp mitt avtal, har jag tyvärr inget svar på frågan.
Kontakta Bergs kommun 0687 - 161 00.

Vänligen Susanne

11.04 | 17:17

Hei! Er toppstugan åpen i påska?

30.07 | 20:18

Hej Per, trevligt att ni kommer. Toppstugan har ett litet och begränsat kök .Barnmenyn kan innebära en halv portion av köttbiffar, en våffla, fisk.

30.07 | 10:40

Hej, vi planerar att besöka er i morgon. Har ni barnmeny (pannkaka, hamburgare etc)?